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  • Richard Wenzel

Ode to the “fathers”

Fatherhood has changed me completely. – Mick Hucknall

Join a clandestine life, often less than ideal

Hunted by the qualm of pretending it’s all real

The lucky few know beforehand of their compact with mess

Likely because, she bravely opted to confess

Yet far too many are kept in the dark

Forced onto a life’s trajectory built on a lark

Oh sure, some become the greatest dads ever

Forming relationships of a love beyond measure stolen

Others mistreat and suppress, perhaps not by intention

But they’re navigating a love built of false invention

Pilfered of honesty, scammed into accountability

Decades later to learn, they’re the muse of lost sensibility

The kids are confused too, living a life of unsure

How awful a childhood, not being told who you really were

What else can fathers do, but muddle along as best as they can

Because you’re not always given truth, if you’re a man


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